Yellow Self Storage in the U.K

Almost all self storage facilities in the UK use yellow in their branding, building exteriors and interiors. Self Storage Space in Lewes chose yellow simply because yellow is now commonly associated with self storage.

Nowadays in the UK, Big Yellow is a brand leader and a big industrial looking building in yellow is immediately recognised as a place to store your items.

This has not always been the case, in the U.K yellow has been associated with "caution". Yellow is also associated with aging for both people and objects (such as yellowed paper). In Italy, yellow is associated to crime stories, both fictional and real.

Indigo or blue contracts best with yellow - this is why we often use blue as a background colour so that our yellow branding stands out.

Yellow is a secondary color in an additive RGB space but is recognisable from a distance. What is most important is that yellow is not combined with green - this is an awful combination!

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