Storage Advice

Below are some of our storage tips:

All items

Plan your storage, placing items you may need closest to the door. Always place heavy storage boxes at the bottom of the unit if stacking the unit high. Label or number storage boxes for easy reference. Use our trolleys to place your bulky items in first, producing a sturdy base on which to stack lighter items. Remove flammable items such as aerosols or batteries and perishable items like food.


Should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar. When storing dishwashers or washing machines secure motors with transport straps to prevent damage.

China, glass and crockery

Pad cartons top and bottom with a layer of packaging. China, plates and glass should be individually wrapped.

Books and documents

Pack books on edge to protect their spine.


Dismantle furniture where possible and detach legs from both tables and beds to save space. Avoid leaning furniture against outside walls. To save space, beds and table can be dismantled. Wrap legs for protection. Stack chairs seat to seat. Cover all upholstery e.g. sofas and armchairs. We can supply polythene covers to protect your goods whilst in transit and store.

Cycles and other metal items

To preserve metal wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil and avoid leaning against vulnerable items.

Mirrors and Pictures

Store on edge, not flat and wrap for protection.

Mattresses and box springs

Store on edge for firmer support, not in contact with walls. Cover for protection.

Packing all items into boxes

Remember that all boxes need to be picked up - therefore do not make large boxes too heavy. Fill the box - placing lighter materials between items, such as paper, blankets or towels, which will help to stabilise articles in the box - always use packing to fill out the empty gaps in cartons.

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