Common misconceptions of Self Storage

When you hear the words “self storage”, what do you think of? A treasure chest of goodies to buy at auction? A hoarder’s paradise? Whatever your current perception, our mission is to debunk the fairy tales and reveal the truth about self storage...

Adopting the approach of popular TV show, Mythbusters. It’s time to find out which myths are plausible and which are busted!

Myth 1: Self storage companies typically cater to hoarders who use the space as an extension of their own over-crowded homes.

It’s true that today’s generation loves to shop. From toys and clothes to furniture and electronics, “we’ve got, by weight six times as much stuff” as the previous generation (Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, BBC2- Real Storage Wars featuring Storemates UK).

In just one year:

  • Women buy half their body weight in clothes (Daily Mail).
  • Parents spend an average of £639.60 on toys for children aged 0-5 (Aviva).
  • London residents spend an average of £5,781 on decorating and new furnishings (Ideal Home).

Dubbed “the generation that wants more everything”, it’s undeniable that millennials have got an obsession with things. But do they deserve such a bad reputation? You bet they don’t. They may have more stuff, but they use more stuff, too. And when they don’t want their stuff any more, they tend to head to sites such as eBay, vinted and musicmagpie to recycle their hard-earned cash.

Around half of all storage space is used by people who are at a point of transition in their lives. What do you do with your things when you want to move house, redecorate or make room for a new or visiting family member? Introducing your “new spare room”: a self storage unit!

Add this to the fact that a whopping 42% of all self storage space is used to boost the economy – yes – that is right – nearly half of all space is utilised by business. Whether it’s used by large companies as a drop off point for sales reps to pick up materials or a small business to keep stock or records, self storage space is a cost effective, secure and flexible place for businesses of all shapes and sizes to flourish. And this fact won’t be a secret for long - last year alone, the SSA estimated that more than 10,000 new enterprises were launched in self storage facilities.


Myth 2: Self storage companies in the UK operate just like an episode of Storage Wars.

Many of us have enjoyed an episode or two of Storage Wars. But how authentic is it? Are abandoned storage units really auctioned off to the highest bidder in a free-for-all where buyers have no clue what’s in the unit? The answer is, of course, no, they are not. Not only is this practice illegal in the UK, but, in a revealing exposé of the show, it was found to be largely fabricated to create the entertainment factor. To find out just how real Storage Wars is, read the article, “Is Storage Hunters UK Real or Fake?

Fabricated or not, you won’t find any storage wars-esque behaviour here. All leading self storage operators in the UK follow best practice guidelines supplied by the Self Storage Association UK. This means that the company will take every measure to try and contact you if your unit falls into arrears before accessing your goods.  If the customer cannot be contacted or has abandoned his/her unit then the unit may have to be sold to recoup the outstanding debt. To start this process, a full inventory of the contents is made. Once the storage facility has a better understanding of what’s inside the unit, any items of value are sold to specific purchasers that deal in those goods such as antique dealers and second hand furniture stores,


Myth 3: The majority of people aren’t aware of storage companies.

While this may seem shocking considering that there are the same number of self storage sites in the UK as there are McDonalds (there are now over 1430 self storage sites in the UK), more than 66% of people cannot name a self storage brand.

Myth PLAUSIBLE! But this is beginning to change as more & more people use self storage and the industry matures.

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Football news: Lewes vs VCD Athletic. 2-2 Draw. Sponsored by Self Storage Space

A controversial decision by the Referee resulted in a draw between Lewes and VCD Athletic on Saturday 12th March. The game was sponsored by Self Storage Space in Lewes.

Lewes FC are battling at the bottom on the league. Self Storage Space will support Lewes FC through the good times and the bad. Come on you Rooks!


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Lewes Christmas & New Year Opening 2015-16

The opening times over the festive period at Self Storage Space in Lewes are as follows:-

►Christmas Eve. 24th Dec. Open 9am to 2pm.
►Christmas Day. 25th Dec. Closed.
►Boxing Day. 26th Dec.  Closed.
►Sunday 27th Dec. Closed.
►Monday 28th Dec. Closed.
►Tuesday 29th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Wednesday 30th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Thursday 31st Dec. Open 10am to 2pm.
►New Years Day. 1st Jan 2015. Closed.
►Saturday 2nd January. Back to normal opening hours.

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year.

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Sussex from the Sky

We'd like to share a collection of beautiful aerial footages shot by Scott Wright with a DJI Phantom 3 drone, during the early hours and sunrises of summer 2015. The video shows the beauty of Sussex, and how fortunate we are to live here.

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University of Brighton Student, Staff & Alumni Discount

We're pleased to announce Self Storage Space in Lewes now offers a 10% discount to all University of Brighton Students, Staff & Alumni. Please bring along your University ID, Alumni number or NUS card.

The discount details are on the University of Brighton Alumni website here. Call 01273 470000 for details or to arrange a viewing.

Jennifer Chung from University of Brighton said "I've stored my items at Self Storage in Lewes when returning home to Hong Kong over the summer. I know they'll be safe here and it's much cheaper than renting my room in Brighton". Many students choose the flexibility of a self storage unit between tenancies. Staff and Alumni use the facility when moving home, de-cluttering or simply to get more space in their home.

If you have any questions please contact our sales reception on 01273 470000. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

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Eight reasons UK businesses choose self storage

More & more small businesses are using self storage units to help run their business - why? - because there are significant business advantages. Below are just some of the business benefits:-

1) No business rates.

2) No utility bills  (no gas, no electricity)

3) Security. Our facilities provide 24 hour CCTV, intruder alarms, security key fob entry systems etc.

4) Affordable. A self storage unit is often much cheaper than leasing a commercial premises such as a warehouse.

5) Flexible terms. Upgrade or downsize the size of your unit to suit your needs. This is often very useful for seasonal businesses.

6) No complex leases - and no solicitors fees or estate agents!

7) No service charges - everything is included in just one simple invoice per month.

8) Extras such as mailboxes and deliveries help run the business smoothly. 

If you require advice please ask our sales reception who will be happy to help.

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Tips on choosing a removals company


Moving home or relocating your business can be stressful - using a good, reputable removals company can make the whole experience much easier. Below are our top tips :-

  1. Always check the Removals company is a member of BAR (British Association of Removers). Membership is a good starting point because it shows they meet the minimum recommended standards. Standards cover legal, vehicles, protection for your deposit and arbitration for any unforeseen problems.
  2. What insurance cover is offered? Ask to see the insurance certificate and read the scope of insurance cover.
  3. Are they a UK registered company or a sole-trader? How long have they been trading and can they supply good references? Beware 'cash in hand' deals - you may have little comeback with a 'cash in hand' arrangement.
  4. Small firms or 'man & van' sometimes don't directly employ staff and simply hire in casual labour. If the crew aren't trained then your possessions may not be treated with respect or packed very well.
  5. How will your move be carried out? For example, how many days, how many people, time of arrival, size of van, number of trips etc.

Self Storage Space can informally recommend local removals companies - please ask at reception.

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Ad campaign at Lewes Football Club

We thought we'd post a picture of our visit to Lewes Football Club (The Rooks) at the weekend. We've done a 'trade swap' with Lewes FC giving The Rooks a poster on our wall opposite the train station.

The club is very close to our facility in Lewes & is one of the only clubs where you can drink beer (Harveys) whilst enjoying a match.

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Easter 2014 Opening Times

We wish all our customers a very happy Easter. We are closed on national bank holidays and on Sundays.

Please pop into our reception or call us if you have any questions on 01273 470000. The Lewes Branch opening hours are:-

  • Good Friday 18th April. Closed.
  • Saturday 19th April. Open as normal. 10am to 4:00pm.
  • Easter Sunday 20th April. Closed.
  • Easter Monday. 21st April. Closed.

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Desk share / Co-working in Lewes

Need to escape the home office? Small businesses & freelancers in Lewes are turning to co-working spaces to get flexible, collaborative & affordable work space. There has always been a non-conformist vibe about Lewes and many people choose to work freelance rather than, say, as an employee for a large corporation.

Below is a handy list of spaces:-Coworking Lewes

Like self storage units, there are no business rates to pay, no utility bills, no complicated leases & no service charges. If your business requires storage space - such as eBay or eCommerce websites - then Self Storage Space can provide affordable & flexible storage space. Call or visit us for a chat - we're opposite Lewes Train Station. Call 01273 470000.

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TV presentation goes live at Self Storage Space in Lewes

Our LCD screen presentation is now live opposite Lewes Train Station.

Visit us or call us on 01273 470000


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Customer Access during Mumford & Sons Gig in Lewes. 19th and 20th July 2013

If you haven't heard about Mumford & Sons playing in Lewes on 19th & 20th July 2013 then you must have been living under a rock! We're extremely excited that such a high profile, popular and talented band have chosen to play in our little town.

It's anticipated that approximately 25,000 fans will visit Lewes over the weekend - Self Storage Space is located directly opposite the train station so we're very close to all the action. Station Road will have limited access over the weekend. Traffic, parking and taxis ranks are expected to temporarily change over the weekend to best accomodate the high volume of visitors.

We advise all our customers who wish to visit their self storage unit to avoid the weekend if possible - ideally visit on Thursday 18th, morning of Friday 19th or on Monday 22nd July. As usual, the Lewes branch will be open on Friday and Saturday so please call us before travelling if you have any questions. Lewes Sales Reception are always happy to advise - please call 01273 470000 or email

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