Reasons to rent a storage unit

How many times have you driven by a storage facility in your neighbourhood only to dismiss the idea of renting a unit? It’s too expensive or it’s too far away. Sound familiar? We’ve compiled a handy list of reasons below that explain why you should seriously consider renting a self storage unit.

Regain lost space

Your apartment or home space is a precious commodity. Has your extra bedroom become a gathering place for all your extra “stuff”? With real estate priced the way it is, that’s a pretty expensive storage closet. By renting an offsite storage unit, you can either regain use of your extra bedroom or even size down to save money.

Don't leave your memories to memory

Old high school yearbooks, Aunt Mary’s rocker, your first grade photo album. Life gives us mementos of our experiences, but with home space at a premium, where do you store these items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis? Self storage. It’s safe, secure and easy to maintain. These precious items are there when you need them and leaving your living space at home to actually live in!

A temporary & cost effective solution

Are you moving, or do you just need a place to store an item for a short period of time? A self storage unit is the perfect answer in both instances. Self storage facilities allow individuals to store their belongings for a short period of time without expensive contracts. Tenants are able to pay month to month, making self storage a convenient and cost effective solution for their storage needs.

Safety, security, and convenience

Your items are safe, and so are you. Most storage facilities offer ample lighting and security cameras so that when you need to access your unit, you need never feel alone. Personal and material safety is of the utmost importance to all involved.

Climate controlled options

Do your belongings need to be stored at a certain temperature to prevent deterioration? Climate controlled self storage units are available for rent, which will keep your personal property from being damaged. These units may also save you from spending additional money on heating and cooling parts of your home that you normally would not do.

Reasons to rent a storage unit

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Self Storage Space in Lewes has relied upon the products & services of leading self storage construction company Janus International UK who provide turn-key solutions to our customers. For many years they have manufactured steel roll-up doors, swing doors, portable storage buildings, and numerous other self storage components. Their products are widely regarded as market leading and can be found throughout Europe and on several other continents. For further information visit their website at

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