Lewes Festive and New Year Opening Hours 2018-2019

The opening times during the 2018-19 festive period at Self Storage Space in Lewes are as follows:-

►Christmas Eve. Monday 24th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Christmas Day. Tuesday 25th Dec. Closed.
►Boxing Day. Wednesday 26th Dec.  Closed.
►Thursday 27th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Friday 28th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Saturday 29th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Sunday 30th Dec. Closed.
►Monday 31st Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►New Years Day. Tuesday. 1st Jan 2018. Closed.
►Wednesday 2nd January 2018. Open as usual.

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year.

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Bonfire in Lewes. November 5th 2018 early closing

Due to Lewes Bonfire Night we would like to advise all Lewes customers we will be closing early at 2pm on Monday 5th November 2018.

East Sussex County Council Highways & Sussex Police will close the roads surrounding us. Access & transport can be very difficult. Parking will be supended on Station Road. We will re-open on Tuesday 6th November 2018 at 9am as usual.


Lewes Bonfire 2017

If you have any questions about accessing your unit or mailbox on November 5th 2018 please contact us on 01273 470000.

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe bonfire night.

Common misconceptions of Self Storage

When you hear the words “self storage”, what do you think of? A treasure chest of goodies to buy at auction? A hoarder’s paradise? Whatever your current perception, our mission is to debunk the fairy tales and reveal the truth about self storage...

Adopting the approach of popular TV show, Mythbusters. It’s time to find out which myths are plausible and which are busted!

Myth 1: Self storage companies typically cater to hoarders who use the space as an extension of their own over-crowded homes.

It’s true that today’s generation loves to shop. From toys and clothes to furniture and electronics, “we’ve got, by weight six times as much stuff” as the previous generation (Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, BBC2- Real Storage Wars featuring Storemates UK).

In just one year:

  • Women buy half their body weight in clothes (Daily Mail).
  • Parents spend an average of £639.60 on toys for children aged 0-5 (Aviva).
  • London residents spend an average of £5,781 on decorating and new furnishings (Ideal Home).

Dubbed “the generation that wants more everything”, it’s undeniable that millennials have got an obsession with things. But do they deserve such a bad reputation? You bet they don’t. They may have more stuff, but they use more stuff, too. And when they don’t want their stuff any more, they tend to head to sites such as eBay, vinted and musicmagpie to recycle their hard-earned cash.

Around half of all storage space is used by people who are at a point of transition in their lives. What do you do with your things when you want to move house, redecorate or make room for a new or visiting family member? Introducing your “new spare room”: a self storage unit!

Add this to the fact that a whopping 42% of all self storage space is used to boost the economy – yes – that is right – nearly half of all space is utilised by business. Whether it’s used by large companies as a drop off point for sales reps to pick up materials or a small business to keep stock or records, self storage space is a cost effective, secure and flexible place for businesses of all shapes and sizes to flourish. And this fact won’t be a secret for long - last year alone, the SSA estimated that more than 10,000 new enterprises were launched in self storage facilities.


Myth 2: Self storage companies in the UK operate just like an episode of Storage Wars.

Many of us have enjoyed an episode or two of Storage Wars. But how authentic is it? Are abandoned storage units really auctioned off to the highest bidder in a free-for-all where buyers have no clue what’s in the unit? The answer is, of course, no, they are not. Not only is this practice illegal in the UK, but, in a revealing exposé of the show, it was found to be largely fabricated to create the entertainment factor. To find out just how real Storage Wars is, read the article, “Is Storage Hunters UK Real or Fake?

Fabricated or not, you won’t find any storage wars-esque behaviour here. All leading self storage operators in the UK follow best practice guidelines supplied by the Self Storage Association UK. This means that the company will take every measure to try and contact you if your unit falls into arrears before accessing your goods.  If the customer cannot be contacted or has abandoned his/her unit then the unit may have to be sold to recoup the outstanding debt. To start this process, a full inventory of the contents is made. Once the storage facility has a better understanding of what’s inside the unit, any items of value are sold to specific purchasers that deal in those goods such as antique dealers and second hand furniture stores,


Myth 3: The majority of people aren’t aware of storage companies.

While this may seem shocking considering that there are the same number of self storage sites in the UK as there are McDonalds (there are now over 1430 self storage sites in the UK), more than 66% of people cannot name a self storage brand.

Myth PLAUSIBLE! But this is beginning to change as more & more people use self storage and the industry matures.

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East Sussex Bach Choir on 9th April 2017 sponsored by Self Storage Space in Lewes

Self Storage Space in Lewes are proudly sponsoring East Sussex Bach Choir on Sunday 9th April 2017 at 6:30pm at St Anne's Church in Lewes. 

Online information & tickets are available at or telephone 07759 878562.

Hope to see you there.

More items added to our Box Shop - Lewes branch

Our Lewes branch are now selling tissue paper and packing paper in our Box Shop.

The tissue paper is in 50 sheets and is £2.00 inc VAT and the packing paper is also in 50 sheets and is £3.00 inc VAT. These items are suitable for wrapping glasses, plates and anything delicate when moving house.

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Opening Hours during Christmas & New Year at Lewes Branch 2016-17

The opening times over the festive period at Self Storage Space in Lewes are as follows:-

►Christmas Eve. Saturday 24th Dec. Open 10am to 2pm.
►Christmas Day. Sunday 25th Dec. Closed.
►Boxing Day. Monday 26th Dec.  Closed.
►Tuesday. Bank Holiday. 27th Dec. Closed.
►Wednesday 28th Dec. Open as usual 9am to 5:30pm.
►Thursday 29th Dec. Open 9am to 5:30pm.
►Friday 30th Dec. Open as usual 9am to 5:30pm.
►Saturday 31st Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►New Years Day. Sunday. 1st Jan 2017. Closed.
►Monday. Bank holiday. 2nd January. Closed.

We would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year.

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Stories Seen Through A Glass Plate, 1916: Lewes Remembers

Self Storage Space in Lewes are taking part in an exhibition of 80 light boxes in 65 windows throughout Lewes. It will show work from the years of the First World War by Benjamin Reeves, grandfather of the present Reeves owner Tom Reeves.

This will include individual and group portraits of soldiers and their families, as well as civilian life during the war, and photographs of the thousands of men billeted in the town. 

Our Light box (photo above) is a photo of National Reserves led by Colonel Dewe.  

The Lewes Tourist Information Office will supply a free map of the light box trail.

Plastic boxes back in stock - Lewes branch

Self Storage Space in Lewes now has back in stock all sizes of our plastic box range. Find the prices and sizes on our Boxes & Bubblewrap page.

Lewes Bonfire Night Saturday 5th November 2016 - Closing Early

Due to Lewes Bonfire Night we would like to advise all our customers we will be closing early at 2pm on Saturday 5th November 2016. 

East Sussex County Council Highways & Sussex Police will close the roads surrounding us by 5pm. Access & transport can be very difficult. We will re open on Monday 7th November at 9am as usual.

The below information has been issued by Lewes District Council on behalf of British Transport Police, East Sussex County Council, Lewes District Council, South East Coast Ambulance Service, Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

No trains will stop at Lewes or several neighbouring stations after midday on Saturday 5th November – bonfire night – and road restrictions will apply.

Restricted travel arrangements have been introduced because of industrial action expected on the local rail network that day and the need to ensure safety of the travelling public and people in the town centre during the busy Lewes bonfire celebrations.

The full travel arrangements are:
•Trains will not be stopping at Lewes station or at London Road in Brighton, Moulsecoomb, Falmer and Glynde from midday on Saturday 5 November until normal services resume on Sunday 6 November.
•There are road closures around Lewes and the A26 will also be closed for the event through the Cuilfail Tunnel, between the Southerham roundabout (junction with the A27), and Earwig Corner (junction with the B2192 to Ringmer) between 5pm and 1am, in both directions as part of enhanced security measures for the event. There are no designated drop-off points.
•Alternative routes for local residents will be communicated through the Lewes Tourist Information Centre and at
•Train information is available at

If you have any questions about accessing your unit or mailbox on November 5th please contact us on 01273 470000.

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe bonfire night.

Southover High Street/Southover Road Lewes - CLOSED

There will be resurfacing on the roundabout on Southover High Street. And resurfacing on Southover Road from the junction of Station Street to the junction of St Andrews Lane.

This work will take place on Thursday 29th September 2016 for 2 days.

New Units built and ready - Lewes Branch

We have now finished building an additional 12 storage units. Sizes ranging from 6sq ft to 54sq ft starting from £7.75 a week.

Here is a photo showing two 6sq ft lockers which are ideal for students from University of Brighton and Sussex University. 

Station Street Open - Lewes Branch

Just to let all our customers know that Station Street is now open again. It was closed for some time due to a void being discovered underneath the buildings by Southern Water back in June

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Summer Bank Holiday Monday 2016 - Lewes Branch

On Monday 29th August 2016 our Lewes branch will be closed due to the Summer Bank Holiday.

All the staff would like to wish you all a happy and hopefully sunny Bank Holiday.

Our normal opening hours will return on Tuesday 30th August 2016.

Football news: Lewes vs VCD Athletic. 2-2 Draw. Sponsored by Self Storage Space

A controversial decision by the Referee resulted in a draw between Lewes and VCD Athletic on Saturday 12th March. The game was sponsored by Self Storage Space in Lewes.

Lewes FC are battling at the bottom on the league. Self Storage Space will support Lewes FC through the good times and the bad. Come on you Rooks!


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Closed early at 4:30pm on November 5th 2015. Bonfire 2015.

We advise all our customers not to visit their storage unit in Lewes after 3pm on November 5th. We will be closed early by 4:30pm.

We are opposite Lewes Train Station which gets very busy. East Sussex County Council Highways & Sussex Police will close Station Road by 5pm. Access & transport can be very difficult. We will open on November 6th at 9am at usual.

The Station Road closure are under the Town Police Clauses Act in consultation with East Sussex County Council Highways, Sussex Police, Sussex Ambulance Service, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, East Sussex County Council Public Transport Co-ordinator, East Sussex County Council Legal Department and the local Town/Parish Council.

If you have any questions about accessing your unit or mailbox on November 5th please contact us on 01273 470000.

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Lewes Bridge & New Zebra Crossing Open

Lewes Railway bridge is now open! Access to Self Storage Space in Lewes is now back to normal.

Work on the bridge started on 22nd February and finished on 30th October (just in time for Bonfire). It took exactly 250 DAYS (8 months, 8 days) to carry out the works!

Lewes, Station Road Open

We now have a new zebra crossing which may help customers crossing Station Road, buses & lorries can start to use the bridge, some new street lighting and freshly painted road markings.

Sussex from the Sky

We'd like to share a collection of beautiful aerial footages shot by Scott Wright with a DJI Phantom 3 drone, during the early hours and sunrises of summer 2015. The video shows the beauty of Sussex, and how fortunate we are to live here.

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Lewes Christmas & New Year Opening. 2014-15.

The opening times over the festive period at Self Storage Space in Lewes are as follows:-

►Christmas Eve. 24th. Open 10am to 2pm.
►Christmas Day. 25th Dec. Closed.
►Boxing Day. 26th Dec  Closed.
►Saturday 27th Dec. Open 10am to 2pm.
►Sunday 28th Dec. Closed.
►Monday 29th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Tuesday 30th Dec. Open 10am to 4pm.
►Wednesday 31st  Dec. Open 10am to 2pm.
►New Years Day. 1st Jan 2015. Closed.
►Friday. 2nd January. Back to normal opening hours.

We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and website visitors a very happy Christmas & a wonderful New Year.

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Self Storage Space in Lewes not affected by Station Street closure.

Station Street in Lewes is closed until mid October so that pavements can be improved for pedestrians.

Self Storage Space is in Station Road and is not affected by the closure. Business is as usual. There is no impact on deliveries or customer access.

Self Storage Space is in Station Road opposite Lewes Train Station is 200 metres from the closure. If you have any questions please call our reception on 01273 470000.

BBC Real Storage Wars

The BBC and Open University gave a fascinating insight into the world of self storage in the UK. The programme was generally very positive about the self storage industry. Perfectly narrated by Sandi Toksvig, the show worked with the Self Storage Association and we hope it will introduce many new customers to the benefits of a self storage unit.

If you missed the programme, it is currently available on BBC iPlayer at the link below:

BBC iplayer Business_Boomers_Real_Storage_Wars

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Easter 2014 Opening Times

We wish all our customers a very happy Easter. We are closed on national bank holidays and on Sundays.

Please pop into our reception or call us if you have any questions on 01273 470000. The Lewes Branch opening hours are:-

  • Good Friday 18th April. Closed.
  • Saturday 19th April. Open as normal. 10am to 4:00pm.
  • Easter Sunday 20th April. Closed.
  • Easter Monday. 21st April. Closed.

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Self Storage Customer Service - Good all round. Keep up the standard!

Congratulations to all the staff at Self Storage Space in Lewes. We've received our 10th perfect (7 out of 7) score for customer service this year!

Since 2013, whenever a customer moves out, we always ask them to complete a simple 'move out form'. This gives the customer an opportunity to feedback their experience. We're always open to feedback and it's good to track how we're doing. 

It's also helps us fix any 'niggles' in our service - our latest customer move out was 100% perfect - "Good all round. Keep up the standard"! The form is below (we've removed the confidential details) :-

Customer Questionnaire at Self Storage Space Lewes

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Seven tips when choosing a self storage facility

Is your home or business brimming over with belongings? Renting a self-storage unit can help reclaim your space!

It's essential you find a self storage facility that will keep your belongings in pristine condition and also provide complete security to safeguard them from theft.

There are many self storage facilities to choose from but how do you decide which is best? Below are our top 7 tips to help decide:-

  1. Proximity is very important. Most customers don't want to be travelling for an hour every time you need to access you unit. Most people are happy with up to 20 minutes drive so we recommend you find a facility within a ten-mile radius if you can. At Self Storage Space in Lewes we have many customers in Brighton which is about 15 minutes drive.
  2. Security is critical when choosing a self-storage facility. There’s nothing worse than getting your valuables stolen due to poor security and safety. Make sure your chosen storage-storage facility has indivdual alarms and CCTV video surveillance. Storage facilities on a quiet & dark trading estate will always be less secure than in a busy, central & safe area. Self Storage Space in Lewes is in the centre of Lewes town centre opposite the train station. The facility is housed in the former Royal Mail Sorting Office so has excellent physical security as well as 24 hour CCTV, security key fobs & alarm systems.
  3. Access. Do you want to be able to drive right up to the door of the unit? Or is it okay to use a trolley? Consider how much access you’ll need. Do you need to get to the facility every day?
  4. Climate Control. Exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture can damage certain goods such as electronics. Documents and books can be damaged if the facility is very damp or not adequately ventilated. At Self Storage Space in Lewes we have a thermostatic climate control system.
  5. Cleanliness. Check your self storage unit for cleanliness. Regular cleaning reflects how well the facility is maintained and managed for their customers.
  6. Price is always important. Shop around for the best price in your area. At Self Storage Space in Lewes we offer special deals and will match any nearby competitor price.
  7. Contract Terms. Always read the contract & the fine print. Make sure you understand your obligations. What items are allowed? Always look for the Self Storage Association UK Logo. This confirms the facility meets the standards necessary to be a member of the Self Storage Space Association in the UK. At Self Storage Space we will always use the standard contract template recommended by the Self Storage Association in the UK.

If you'd like a self storage unit - please call us for a no obligation quotation - call Lewes 01273 470000 or pop into our reception (we're opposite Lewes Train Station) for a tour. We look forward to meeting you.

TV presentation goes live at Self Storage Space in Lewes

Our LCD screen presentation is now live opposite Lewes Train Station.

Visit us or call us on 01273 470000


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