Brighton MBE Bubblewrap Prices

Bubble wrap from MBE (Mailboxes Etc) in Brighton is very expensive compared with Self Storage Space in Lewes.

Bubblewrap at MBE Brighton is £6.99 for 5 metres. Bubblewrap at Self Storage Space is just £3.25 for 5 metres!

Self Storage Space in Lewes is half the price of MBE Brighton. There are no gimmicks, no small print or no special offers - just excellent quality packing materials at excellent prices.

Self Storage Space don't just sell bubble wrap - we sell a wide range of accessories from storage boxes to padlocks. You don't need to be storing with us to take advantage of our prices - simply pop in - we're opposite Lewes Train Station. We're about a 10 minute drive from Brighton - please call us if you have any questions, telephone 01273 470000.

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Lewes Post Office Bubblewrap Prices

Bubblewrap from Self Storage Space in Lewes is 84% cheaper than Lewes Post Office.

We're surprised that the Post Office on Lewes High Street offers 3 metres of bubblewrap for £3.59! Whereas Self Storage Space (opposite Lewes Train Station) has the same product for just £1.95 (65p per metre).

The prices at Lewes Post Office appear to be standard prices in the region, for example, Brighton Post Office has the same high price at £3.59.

Self Storage Space is housed in the former Royal Mail Sorting Office directly opposite Lewes Train Station. You don't need to be a self storage customer to buy our packing accessories - we always have small & large bubble wrap in stock - please visit our shop for bubblewrap & other packaging materials!

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